Question of the Week: Is Medical Fraud Really as Widespread as the U.S. House Believes?

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Last week, AVweb reported on the FAA Forecast, which predicted (among other things) a growth of the very light jet population by 5,000 planes over the next decade.  In our previous "Question of the Week," we asked whether you agreed with the FAA.

It seems AVweb readers are a little more conservative when it comes to VLJ growth, with only 8% of those who took our poll expecting to see 5,000 (or more) VLJs delivered in the next ten years.  The biggest segment of our respondents (37% of you) put the delivery number in the 1,000-to-2,000-jet range.

For a complete breakdown of reader responses to last week's Question, click here.


A House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee report released this week maintains there is "widespread fraud" among pilots who hide serious medical conditions from examining physicians in order to retain medical certification for their FAA pilot certificates.  Do you know anyone (yourself or others) who has purposely omitted any health information on his or her aviation medical application form?

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