Question of the Week: Runway Responsibility

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Last week, we received a great conversation-starter e-mail from an AVweb reader about why people fly.  Did they have a windfall that made buying a plane possible?  Did they learn to fly in the military?  Or did they learn to love the air from flying parents?  Naturally, we put the question to AVweb readers in last week's installment of "QOTW."

To our surprise, only 13% of AVweb readers reported having parents who owned an airplane and only 6% starting flying in their military careers.

Most of you, it seems, just have "the bug."  A full 50% of those who responded told us, It doesn't run in my family. I'm not especially wealthy most or all of my extra cash is wrapped up in flying, and my quality of living (outside of aviation) would improved substantially if I gave it up. But, again ... the bug.

What about the other 30% of respondents?
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Runway responsibility.  A controller can clear you onto a specific runway, but if you find yourself somewhere else, who bears responsibility for that mistake?

Pick the answer that best matches your opinion.

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