Question of the Week: VLJ Beauty Contest

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NATCA and the FAA still don't see eye-to-eye on the state of the air traffic control system here in the U.S.  NATCA keeps telling us that we're entering a period of crisis because of the shrinking controller population, while the FAA maintains that there are plenty of resources to accommodate air traffic in the present and into the near future.

Last week, we asked which group has a better bead on the truth.  10% of those who answered said the truth lies somewhere in between what the FAA and NATCA say, but a 55% majority of you thought NATCA was right about the controller crisis and that the FAA is just thinking about the bottom line and ignoring aviation safety.

A complete breakdown of the responses can be viewed here.
(You may be asked to register and answer, if you haven't already.)


In the past, we've asked about price, performance, and other level-headed considerations in the personal jet/very light jet market.  This week, let's put practical considerations aside and find out which bird has the most striking, graceful profile.

Which VLJ has the best looks?
Click here to answer.

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