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Volume 30, Number 46a, November 13, 2023
B-21 First Flight
The highly classified B-21 Raider took its first flight on Friday and there was nothing secretive about it. The aircraft took off from Palmdale Airport in California on a bluebird day with hundreds of people watching from the roads ringing[…]   Read this article
Guest Blog: Airships Will Always Be A Niche Market
By Gianfranco Ghiringhelli As the potential Chief Pilot and Director of Operations of what would have become the first commercial airship operation in the U.S.—outside of Goodyear—I don’t see a broad application for commercial viability, which in a way is[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Chinook Helicopter Plucks Crashed CL-215 From Wilderness
Buffalo Airways in Canada’s Northwest Territories is known for its can-do attitude, and when one of its CL-215 waterbombers was in a mishap on a remote lake, the decision was made to bring it home. It flew back to Yellowknife[…] Read this article

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Plane Hits Car After Overrun
There were no injuries when a Lancair IV-P Jetprop overran the runway at Aero Country Airport in McKinney, Texas, on Saturday and collided with a car on a road adjacent to the airport. Jack Schneider, who was at the airport[…] Read this article

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Pilot Tried To Shut Off Engines To Escape Hallucinogenic Dream
The Alaska Airlines pilot who tried to shut off the engines from a flight deck jump seat says his earlier consumption of magic mushrooms triggered deep-seated mental issues that put him in a dreamlike state. In an exclusive interview with[…] Read this article

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Senate Committee Probes Runway Safety
On Thursday, lawmakers and aviation experts gathered for a hearing to address a series of aviation incidents that have raised concerns about the FAA’s air traffic control arm and overall safety. The Nov. 9 hearing included testimony from National Transportation Safety Board Chair[…] Read this article

Watsonville Eyes Closing Crosswind Runway
City officials and pilots at Watsonville Municipal Airport (KWVI) are at odds on the future of the airport’s crosswind runway. After unanimously approving the airport’s first Master Plan update in 20 years, city officials are entertaining options to shorten the crosswind runway or[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments: Nov. 13, 2023
In Praise of Paul Thanks for everything! How’s about occasional titillation just to remind us all of what we’re missing. Good luck in whatever comes next. Larry Stencel Writing well is hard. When it appears to have been easily grasped[…] Read this article