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Volume 30, Number 10e, March 10, 2023
RARA Announces Air Races To Leave Reno
The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) announced today that the 2023 National Championship Air Races (NCAR) will be the last time the air races will be hosted in Reno. RARA explained, “While we knew this day might eventually come, we[…]   Read this article
Senate Committee Interviews Nolen On FAA Safety, Certification Reform
The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing on Wednesday to look into the FAA’s progress on implementing reforms mandated by the Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act of 2020 (ACSAA). Stemming from the fatal crashes of[…]   Read this article
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Carburetors: Surprisingly Reliable
Let’s see—we’ve got avgas in the tanks and air containing oxygen all around us. Somehow that air and avgas have to combine in a roughly 15 to 1 ratio—by weight—in the engine’s cylinders. Then they can do their suck, squeeze,[…] Read this article

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National Aeronautic Association President To Retire
The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) has announced that its 32nd president and CEO, Greg Principato, is planning to retire on Sept. 15, 2023. Principato, who has been with NAA since 2016, is credited with being “a person who expanded the[…] Read this article

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The Most Difficult Call: Intervening To Stop The Inevitable Accident
The emotion in Sheriff Billy Garrett was clear as the 40-year veteran officer described the task of breaking the news. “It’s horrible . . . it hurts an old man’s heart to hear a young girl cry like that.” It[…] Read this article

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Boeing, Leonardo To Begin MH-139A Production
Boeing and Leonardo are beginning low-rate initial production of the MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopter following the recent award of a $285 million contract from the U.S. Air Force. The contract, which is part of a $2.4 billion deal for up[…] Read this article