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Volume 29, Number 30d, July 28, 2022
Raytheon Invests In VerdeGo Hybrid Technology
With electric aircraft manufacturers struggling against limited battery capacity, aerospace giant Raytheon is at least modestly bullish on emerging hybrid electric technology. On Wednesday, the company announced that its venture arm, RTX Ventures, will pour $12 million into a hybrid[…]   Read this article
Will Russia Really Leave The ISS? Or Is It Just Bluster? A NASA Veteran's View
What can we say about Russia’s announcement that it will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024? I would refer to that old British Bulldog Winston Churchill, who, in 1939, said, “I cannot forecast to you the action[…]   Read this article
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AirVenture 2022: Aithre's Built-in Smart O2 System
Aithre Aviation has made huge progress in cockpit biometrics over the past few years with a variety of safety-enhancing portable products, and now it has a complete and scalable smart oxygen system that can be retrofitted in both experimental and[…] Read this article

AirVenture Spotlight: Samaritan Aviation Launches Campaign To Expand Operations In Papua New Guinea
Along the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea (PNG), a 750-mile-long river that snakes its way through jungles and swamps, only one thing stands between remote villagers and the stark reality of life-and-death medical events. Samaritan Aviation’s Cessna 206 on[…] Read this article

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Two Serious Injuries In Anchorage Seaplane Crash (Video)
Two people aboard a Regal Air Beaver floatplane were seriously injured when the aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Lake Hood, near Anchorage, Alaska’s main airport on Tuesday, July 26. Five others aboard the aircraft escaped injury and were able[…] Read this article

Spirit Cancels Frontier Deal, JetBlue Talks Continue
Spirit Airlines has formally canceled a proposed $2.7 billion sale to Frontier Airlines after shareholders refused to back the deal. According to the financial papers, that makes Spirit ripe for the picking by JetBlue, which announced its interest in acquiring[…] Read this article

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Pelton's 'Welcome To Oshkosh' Featured A Menu Of Positive Indicators
EAA Chairman and CEO Jack Pelton delivered a touching tribute to past-EAA President Tom Poberezny at his introductory press briefing earlier this week. Poberezny had passed away just hours before at 2:00 a.m. on opening day, timing that touched many[…] Read this article

Amelia Earhart Statue Unveiled In U.S. Capitol
Just three days after what would have been her 125th birthday, a statue of Amelia Earhart was unveiled in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall on Wednesday. Her likeness joins 34 other statues in the hall and was placed between Thomas[…] Read this article

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200-Way Head-Down Skydive Attempt Set For Aug. 22
200 skydivers hope to claim a new record on Aug. 22 with a head-down vertical jump near Chicago. A total of 10 aircraft will carry the men and women to 19,000 feet and after they jump they’ll have only a[…] Read this article