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Volume 29, Number 35d, September 1, 2022
Video Shows Ukrainian MiGs Firing Raytheon Missiles
It would appear some good old U.S. (and Ukrainian) ingenuity has gone into the apparently successful integration of the digitally dependent Raytheon AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile (HARM) into the completely analog MiG-29s of the Ukrainian air force. The potent weapon,[…]   Read this article
ScaleWings Carbon Fiber Mustang Replica At AirVenture 2022
With several scale P-51 replicas to choose from, ScaleWings’ carbon fiber version offers the Revell-model ease of assembly, while retaining the all-metal “look.” The Germany-based company painstakingly duplicated all the rivets, screws, hardware—even replicated the fabric-covered rudder—with indentations in the[…]   Read this article
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Duluth Gives Cirrus Massive Hangar, With Job Creation Pledge
The City of Duluth’s economic development arm has essentially given Cirrus Aircraft a massive 189,000-square-foot aircraft maintenance hangar at the local airport in exchange for adding jobs at its expanding campus there. According to the Duluth News Tribune, the former[…] Read this article

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B-52s Become Cargo Haulers
As the B-52 closes in on 70 years of service, the Air Force has found yet another use for the airframe. Four B-52Hs were outfitted with cargo pods that fit in the bomb bays to carry stuff for an exercise.[…] Read this article

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DOJ Traps Russian Bizjet With Seizure Warrant
The Department of Justice has effectively trapped a Russian oil company’s Boeing 737 in Russia by obtaining a warrant for its seizure. The DOJ issued a press release on Wednesday saying the warrant was issued by a Texas court based[…] Read this article

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