Refurb of the Month

Refurb of the Month: Don Toy's Cessna 150F »

With refurbs gaining momentum, we're seeing more restoration of modest airplanes, especially Cessna 150s, which are among the most economical airplanes to own and fly. Don Toy of Homesteand, Iowa, recently sent us this report on his refurb. More

Refurb of the Month: Larry Gettleman's Skyhawk »

Cessna 172s may be not be fast or sexy, but there are plenty of them out there and prices reflect that supply. There are also lots of aftermarket mods for these airplanes. Larry Gettleman of Louisville, Ky., put that to work in his refurb of this month's "Refurbished Aircraft the Month." More

Refurb of the Month: Ron Burdine's Twin Comanche »

Piper's Twin Comanche--affectionately known as the Twinkie by many owners--is one of the most efficient twin-engine aircraft ever manufactured, eclipsed only Diamond's diesel-powered DA42. The Twin Comanche is a popular refurb platform because the airframe performs well and is reasonably priced on the used market. Here's Ron Burdine's nicely refurbed TwinCo. More

Refurb of the Month: Jefferson City Flying Service's Aerostar 700P »

We’ve all seen them. Sad old derelict ramp dwellers with sun-faded paint and flat tires, awaiting rescue by the aviation equivalent of the Good Samartan. AVweb's refurb winner this month is one of those, an Aerostar 700P brought back to life by Jefferson City Flying Service. More

Refurb of the Month: Steve Biggs' Cessna P210 »

"I'm proud to submit my newly refurbished P210N for your consideration as refurb of the month," says Steve Biggs. "I've owned this wonderful airplane for 16 years and prior to retirement, used it routinely for fast, efficient transportation in my work. Now I'm looking forward to visiting family and friends around the country with my wife." More

Refurb of the Month: John Myers' Citabria »

The Citabria is a nice, modern taildragger and one for which parts are readily available, so it's a perfect refurb project. John Myers of Sequim, Washington, sent us this report on his project. More

Refurb of the Month: Chris Cook's Restored Decathlon »

Mid-1970s Decathlons are good buys on the used market. They're fun to fly and affordable to own. And if you fancy some gentleman's aerobatics, so much the better. Chis Cook has been working on restoring a 1977 8KCAB and here's his report. More