Refurb of the Month

Refurb of the Month: Steve Wathen's P-210 »

click for larger image Although considered somewhat high maintenance, Cessna's P210 offered -- and continues to offer -- unique performance at an affordable purchase price. A careful search will find older airframes worth refurbishing, and that's exactly what Steve Wathen of Columbus, Ohio did with his P-210. More

Refurb of the Month: Ron Tanner's Champ Restoration »

click for photos Do all of us harbor the fantasy of finding that perfect vintage aircraft stored in a barn somewhere, only awaiting the tender hands of restoration? Well, it's no fantasy. Those airplanes are out there. In 2004, Ron Tanner found this 1946 Champ in a Massachusetts barn, where it sat unmoved since 1952. He bought it from Mike Ricard. Incredibly, it has the original engine, fabric, glass and logbooks. More

Refurb of the Month: Kitchener Aero's 208 Re-Do »

click for larger images For every "after" photo of an aircraft refurb, there's a "before" photo to match, and this time, we're showing just such a pair from Kitchener Aero Avionics, a well-known shop in Canada. To be fair, the "before" panel isn't too shabby. With a Bendix/King HSI and a Garmin GNS530/430 pair in the stack, you could find your way around in the clouds without too much stress. But for a turboprop working airplane, the panel is somewhat dated. More

Refurb of the Month: Frank Dorrin's Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche »

click for photos When Piper replaced the Apache with the Twin Comanche in the early 1960s, the idea was to create "everyman's twin" with the relative safety of a twin but with approachable sticker price and operation costs of a big single. The persistence of loyalty to the peppy and comfy airplane is exemplified by Frank Dorrin's devotion to his project plane. More

Refurb of the Month: Jerry Yagen's DH98 Mosquito »

click for photos When Jerry Yagen replied to our recent query seeking interesting aircraft refurbs, he said he was working on a light twin restoration and would we be interested? Sure. Shortly, a handful of photos came pixeling into the inbox of a de Havilland DH98 Mosquito. Light twin indeed. More

Refurb of the Month: Lyle Holbo's 180C Cherokee »

click for photos Fresh off the factory floor, a modest airplane like a Piper Archer may be better built, but its basic performance has been baked into the airframe for years. That's why a project like Lyle Holbo's 1965 Cherokee 180C, our refurbed airplane of the month, will keep pace with an airplane 40 years newer. More

Refurb of the Month: Mike Van Sicklen's Cessna 414A »

click for photos This month's Refurbished Aircraft of the Month comes from Mike Van Sicklen at Tejas Aero Services in San Marcos, Texas a shop that specializes in refurbishment of Cessna twins. Tejas recently finished this beautiful 414A owned by Eduardo Valdes. In addition to new paint and interior, a Tejas specialty, the airplane has a pair of new engines by RAM Aircraft of Waco, Texas; new avionics; and aft strakes made by APM. Tejas is a top-rated shop by our sister publication, Aviation Consumer . Find out more at about them at . More

Refurb of the Month: Bennett Bibel's Mooney M20J »

click for photos If you can't afford a new airplane -- and let's face it, most of us can't -- a refurbed late-model aircraft can do 90 percent of the mission at a fraction of the cost, especially one like the popular Mooney M20J 201. That's the strategy Bennett Bibel followed in his pull-out-all-the-stops rebuild of a 1983 J-model, which we've picked as our refurbed aircraft of the month. More