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Volume 30, Number 40a, October 2, 2023
Air Safety Institute's Richard McSpadden Dies In Crash
Richard McSpadden, the senior vice president of the AOPA Air Safety Institute, died, along with one other person, in the crash of a Cessna 177RG near Lake Placid Airport in upstate New York Sunday. McSpadden was in the right seat.[…]   Read this article
What To Think About SAF
  While I was researching this week’s video on aviation’s role in greenhouse gas emissions—and especially SAF—one phrase kept recurring in my overstimulated brain: window dressing, albeit sincere window dressing. On the light side of general aviation, the attitude is[…]   Read this article
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Decarbonize Aviation? Good Luck To Us
With weather disasters lined up like airliners on final to LaGuardia, news on climate change is a constant. And with aviation the most energy-intensive form of mass transportation, it’s in the crosshairs as an emitter of greenhouse gas. In this[…] Read this article

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Collings Foundation Reaches Settlement With Nine-0-Nine Crash Victims
The Collings Foundation has settled legal claims involving eight of the 10 passengers who were aboard its B-17 Nine-0-Nine when it crashed at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport on Oct. 2, 2019. Two other passengers reached a deal in 2021. Terms[…] Read this article

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FAA Authorization Extended To Dec. 31
Aviation groups breathed a collective sigh of relief late Saturday after Congress passed an interim measure that avoids a government shutdown and also gives the FAA some breathing room. The bill, which was signed by President Biden a few hours[…] Read this article

United Targets Military Pilots
United Airlines has created a new recruitment campaign aimed at smoothing the transition from military flying to the aluminum (and composite) tube. Candidates who qualify are guaranteed a right-seat job and do not have to get an ATP before applying.[…] Read this article