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Volume 30, Number 5c, February 1, 2023
Van’s Update In RV-15 Development
During the EAA’s Homebuilder’s Week series of seminars, Van’s Aircraft offered an update on the high-wing RV-15’s development, which has been fairly quiet since the airplane’s thunderous reveal at AirVenture last year. Van’s VP Greg Hughes outlined some significant changes to the airplane as[…]   Read this article
First New-Build Enstrom Flies After May 2022 Ownership Changeover
The first “scratch-built” Enstrom helicopter since new company ownership has flown. “This aircraft wasn’t an unfinished left-over airframe,” said Enstrom, “but was built using components procured, machined, fabricated, and assembled onsite.” A new-build Rolls-Royce 250 C20w turboshaft-powered Enstrom 480B took[…]   Read this article
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Pilot Charged After Allegedly Buzzing Boats, Then Crashing
A district court with jurisdiction in Larimer County, Colorado, has filed misdemeanor charges against a then-34-year-old flight instructor who crashed a Cessna 172 on Sept. 11, 2022, after allegedly buzzing two boats on the Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins, Colorado.[…] Read this article

Garmin 'GI 275 EIS
Atlanta's Family-Owned Icon FBO Epps Aviation To Join Aero Center Network
“Sometime in the very near future, airplanes for two and airplanes for two hundred will fly anywhere in the country every day.” So predicted Georgian Ben T. Epps in 1910. The first to fly an aircraft in the state (in[…] Read this article

MCICO 'MaxPower
FAA Adds 11 Airports To Those Served By Fuel-Saving OPD Procedures
The FAA announced on Monday (Jan. 30) it has added 11 airports to the list of destinations that offer Optimized Profile Descents (OPDs). The procedure enables landing aircraft to maintain a constant descent profile, rather than the traditional “stair-step” format.[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take-off into the world of homebuilt aircraft
Short Final: Hector Sector
A few years ago, and before our jets were capable of long‑range navigation, I routinely flew one of our flights from St. Louis Lambert International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. Late in the evening it was not uncommon to[…] Read this article