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Volume 30, Number 11d, March 16, 2023
Safety Summit Calls For 'Vigilance' In Light Of Close Calls
Aviation leaders representing a broad spectrum of industry activity were told to go back to their worlds and try to identify what they can do to make the system even safer after an FAA-sponsored “safety summit” in Virginia on Wednesday.[…]   Read this article
Phil's Terrible, Horrible, Really No Good Week
If you’re running low on outrage and haven’t enjoyed any angertainment say, since about two hours ago, click on this link. It’s an excruciating seven minutes of FAA admin nominee Phil Washington being grilled by the Senate Commerce Committee as[…]   Read this article
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Repair Parts Running Out For GNS 430/530
Garmin says those who still rely on its early generation navigation products should start planning a panel upgrade. The company says “multiple component availability limitations” mean the parts needed to fix the devices that heralded a revolution in aviation navigation[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'Balanced Approach
Continental Counterweight AD Expanded
The FAA has expanded its AD for certain Continental engines regarding potential manufacturing errors with the engines’ crankshaft counterweights. The original AD has been superseded and several new models added. “Since the FAA issued AD 2023-04-08, the FAA determined that[…] Read this article

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Canadian Investigators Call For Improved Medical Screening For Pilots (Updated)
Canada’s Transportation Safety Board is recommending a process be established to update pilot medical requirements following a 2021 crash that may have been related to the pilot suffering a heart attack. The board has issued a recommendation to Transport Canada[…] Read this article

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