Volume 26, Number 29f
July 27, 2019
GoFly Personal Flight Competition Begins Final Phase
The third and final phase of GoFly, a global competition for personal flying device designs, is now underway. Five Phase […]   Read this article
Barn Finds And Traffic Jams
We all dream of finding that mint airplane stashed away in a barn somewhere. Tom Reilly found something better: a new Merlin.   Read this article
Samson Switchblade Shows Off A New Panel
One of the longest in-development flying car projects, the Samson Switchblade, is still at it and as the company nears […]   Read this article
SpaceX's 'Flying Watertower' Makes First Hop
Although it didn’t make for especially dramatic video, SpaceX made a big step toward its goal of visiting Mars with […] Read this article

Podcast: Flying As A Second Career
When it got nearly impossible for Kevin Butler to face another day sweating it out in the kitchen, the 41-year-old […] Read this article

DeLand Meets Sport Aviation Goals
Florida’s DeLand Municipal Airport (KDED) has accomplished initiatives set out three years ago to create an annual sport aviation showcase, […] Read this article

uAvionix Working on Canadian ADS-B Tech With skyBeacon X
The uAvionix booths at this year’s Airventure were packed layers deep with last-minute ADS-B buyers, while the 2020 mandate is […] Read this article

Podcast: Lightspeed Launches Video Series
Headset manufacturer Lightspeed announced the launch of its new video series, Aviation No Tie Downs, at AirVenture 2019. According to […] Read this article

Podcast: King Schools Partner With Garmin On New Courses
One way of learning new avionics is to sit in the airplane and punch buttons, but it’s easier to start […] Read this article

Podcast: Shannon Massey Takes Helm At Lycoming
Just in time for its 90th anniversary, Lycoming has a new general manager in Shannon Massey, an inside-the-house elevation from […] Read this article

Podcast: Tammie Jo Shults
In this podcast, Capt. Tammie Jo Shults talks with AVweb at AirVenture 2019 about discovering aviation, her experiences as a […] Read this article

International Parade At AirVenture 2019
It’s well established that AirVenture attracts aviation enthusiasts from all over the world and every year visitors from dozens of […] Read this article