David Clark 'DC ONE-X Premium ANR headset
Volume 29, Number 14f, April 9, 2022
ScaleBirds Radial-Powered Curtiss P-36 60% Replica - Sun 'n Fun 2022
An airplane-loving design student’s senior project gave rise to a family business dedicated to building scaled replica fighters “the right way.” ScaleBirds is a Groton, Connecticut-based company with plans to offer affordable kits for radial- and inline-engined mini-fighters—engineered as sport[…]   Read this article
LFA Hosts Eyes Above The Horizon Outreach Event In Tuskegee
More than 80 students attended the Legacy Flight Academy’s (LFA) Eyes Above the Horizon event at Moton Field in Tuskegee, Alabama, last month. The one-day outreach program was last held at Moton Field in 2019. LFA’s Eyes Above the Horizon,[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Easy Fit
King Schools Launches Concierge Service, New Course
King Schools announced at the 2022 Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo that it is now offering a “concierge” service to assist flight schools with new training initiatives. The service is designed for flight schools developing FAA-approved Part 141 training programs[…] Read this article

Garmin's New Pilot Smartwatches At Sun 'n Fun
Airshow goers like gadgets, and this year at Sun ‘n Fun Garmin brought two new aviator smartwatches at two price points—the $550 D2 Air X10 and the $1300 flagship D2 Mach 1. For this video, Aviation Consumer Magazine Editor Larry[…] Read this article

AEA 'Upcoming Avionics Training'
Sun 'n Fun 2022: WAT Parmetheus G3 Landing Lights
Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) introduced the newest addition to the Parmetheus product family at Sun ‘n Fun this year. In this video, WAT director of business development Matt Dondoneau talks to AVweb about the G3 PAR 36 and G3 PAR[…] Read this article

Sun 'n Fun 2022: Flying Eyes' Latest Pilot Glasses
Expanding its line of headset-friendly eyeglasses for aviators, Texas-based Flying Eyes came to Sun ‘n Fun 2022 with its new Ophthalmic series eyeglasses. Aviation Consumer Magazine Editor Larry Anglisano spent some time with founder Dean Siracusa at the Flying Eyes[…] Read this article

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