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Volume 29, Number 24e, June 17, 2022
Second Denali Prototype Flies
Textron Aviation’s second Beechcraft Denali single-engine turboprop flight test article has successfully completed its first flight. The flight lasted two hours and one minute, reaching an altitude of 15,500 feet and a top speed of 240 knots. According to Textron,[…]   Read this article
Garmin Delivers 25,000th Integrated Flight Deck
Garmin announced on Wednesday that it has reached a new milestone with the delivery of over 25,000 integrated flight decks. According to the company, the number includes forward-fit and retrofit solutions for general and business aviation, rotorcraft, military and government[…]   Read this article
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Radio Confidence
Remember when you first picked up the mic in an airplane, either to ATC or at a non-towered field? Most of us were probably as tentative as a boy trying to get his first date. Even if you’re good at[…] Read this article

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ForeFlight Launches Sentry Plus ADS-B Receiver
ForeFlight is expanding its ADS-B product suite with the introduction of its new Sentry Plus portable ADS-B receiver. Device features include ADS-B In weather and traffic, WAAS GPS, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and alerting and AHRS pitch and bank. The[…] Read this article

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Boeing Introduces 2022 ecoDemonstrator
Boeing has officially unveiled its latest ecoDemonstrator, a company-owned 777-200ER that will be used to test new technologies aimed at “improving sustainability and safety for the aerospace industry.” The company plans to test an estimated 30 new technologies during this[…] Read this article

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