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Volume 30, Number 2a, January 9, 2023
FAA Deletes Foreign Information From Sectionals
Pilots in border regions are wondering why the FAA has deleted much of the aeronautical information from non-U.S. airspace from its latest sectional charts. The late December release of the sectionals omit detailed airspace information in Canadian airspace, and the[…]   Read this article
Guest Blog: Why Aircraft Engines Should Be Hard To Start
Seriously, aircraft engines should be hard to start. Personally, I find the start—quick and easy, or filled with frustration—is an indicator of how the flight is going to go. It’s also a visceral experience of animating what had been, only[…]   Read this article
AVweb 'Classifieds POTW January 9 2023'
Best Of The Web: Why Wingsuits Are Flight As Pure As It Gets
I think most people have a recurring dream or two. One of mine is that I’m able to fly by simply extending my arms and summoning some sort of mysterious force to levitate myself into flight. In my dreamy state,[…] Read this article

Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots'
Union Hits 'Training On The Cheap'
The Allied Pilots Association is accusing American Airlines of “training on the cheap” in its implementation of new fleet-wide flight deck procedures during challenging conditions. The union says the company preceded the changes with a bulletin, flight manual amendments and[…] Read this article

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FAA Forms Committee To Review Boeing Safety Systems
The FAA has formed a committee of 24 aviation academics and industry representatives to examine Boeing’s safety culture in the wake of investigations slamming the company’s development and certification of the 737 MAX. The panel was mandated by Congress in[…] Read this article

Stowaway Bodies Found After Three Days In Gear Well
Authorities in Colombia say an Avianca A320neo likely flew around South America for three days with the bodies of two stowaways in a gear well. The airline said it found the two, likely teenage boys, on Friday night when the[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, January 6, 2023
Ground Control Energy management is not well taught in GA, if not well managed in the air, it will probably be less well managed on deck…brake fade/fires are the result. That extra throttle energy is getting dumped into brakes sized[…] Read this article