Short Final

Short Final: Class C Workout »

Peoria Approach: “I bet you didn’t think you were going to get this type of workout when you asked for the clearance into the Class Charlie, did you?” More

Short Final: Twilight Zone »

My wife and I departed Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix in our Cessna 177RG. Before departing we received a complicated taxi clearance to what looked like a parking lot at the end the active runway. More

Short Final: Horsing Around »

We have a home in the Bahamas and fly into Eleuthera. On one of our flights, we heard the following on the CTAF as we were about 25 miles out from our destination... More

Short Final: Team Rivalry »

I was approaching Gainesville, Florida, the week after the Florida Gators were destroyed by the Nebraska Cornhuskers in a bowl game and I listened to the ATIS. The code was Gator. When I called the tower I thought I would be cute so I said I had Cornhusker. More

Short Final: In Your Dreams »

The Naval Air Station at Belle Chase regularly uses New Iberia, LA (KARA) as a refueling stop. I was flying my Piper PA-32 into KARA to get fuel for myself and contacted the Tower... More

Short Final: Squawk Time »

My student and I were nearing the Class C airspace at Palm Beach International airport (KPBI). We asked for clearance... More

Short Final: Freezing Level »

After I heard a GA pilot expressing concern about getting into icing conditions, I responded to air traffic control ... More