Short Final

Short Final: Mirage »

I was inbound for landing at Reid-Hillview airport and had a traffic alert off to my left, 300 feet higher and faster. About a minute after the traffic alert the tower told me I had traffic above and to the left of me. I replied that I did not have traffic in sight. More

Short Final: A Gentleman And A Scholar »

I was flying over central Kansas when I overheard Center clear a jet pilot “direct destination.” The pilot, grateful, confirmed the clearance and added the compliment, “You’re a gentleman and a scholar.” More

Short Final: Ludicrous Speed »

Approach: There’s a Pilatus about 50 miles ahead of you, same altitude, and we need to maintain separation while I hand you off to the next sector. You’d have to go really fast to get ahead of him before the hand-off. More

Short Final: Blowing Kisses »

I was flying my daughter cross-country for her to spend some time with her grandparents. My mother-in-law was there on the tarmac waving enthusiastically and blowing kisses... More

Short Final: Competition Parking »

At Valdez, Alaska for the annual fly-in and STOL competition, a couple of planes arrived in short succession: a tailwheel Cessna with big Alaskan Bushwheel tires, followed by a Lake amphibian (not known for its short takeoff or landing capabilities). More

Short Final: Bed Bugs »

En route to Leesburg Executive around 1:00 a.m. inside Dulles Class Bravo, I heard a controller ask a United flight, “United XXX your choice 19R or 19C.” The pilot came back with 19C and once cleared for the visual he responded, “Cleared for visual. 19C United XXX. Over to tower, nighty-night don’t let the bed bugs bite!” More

Short Final: Bugs in a Jar »

Spring brings with it the beginnings of rough air season, especially in mountainous terrain. This recent PIREP near Jeffco Airport (BJC) in Colorado puts it in vivid terms. BJC UA/OV BJC180010/TM 1823/FL075/TP C182/TB MOD/RM PILOT STATES/GETTING SHOOK LIKE A BUG IN A JAR More

Short Final: “I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!” »

While traveling into Valdez, Alaska for the annual fly-in and STOL competition, a couple of planes were trying to hurry in before the airspace closed for aerobatic practice. A couple minutes after tower gave “best forward speed” instructions to a Lake amphibian (not known for great forward speed), the following exchange was heard: More

Short Final: Today is Not Going to be That Day »

I’ve owned five different airplanes over the past 25 years and recently purchased a Piper Meridian. I was on an Angel Flight with a buddy who had flown with me many times but was taking his first flight in the Meridian. After takeoff, he asked me if I thought I’d ever get another plane. More

Short Final: Going One Direction or the Other »

While flying one day in Northern California, I heard the following: Center: “Cessna 1234 are you planning to pass east or west of Mt. Diablo?” Cessna: “We’re currently heading south.” More