Short Final

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Somewhere over Nevada, returning to Utah from San Jose.  All the airliners where working hard to find their customers smooth air.  There were sigmets for turbulence up to 14,000 feet and above 18,000.

A UPS flight checked in on-level at 35,000 feet and asked:
"What altitudes are working for smooth rides?"

"There does not seem to be much smooth air, but it seems a little better above 38,000 and below 31,000.  What would you like to do?"

UPS Flight:
"At our altitude, how long will we be in this light chop?"

"Maybe ten minutes."

UPS Flight:
"I guess we will ride it out and see what happens. Controller, let me know."

Then, from one to the other planes — saying what most of us had been thinking:
"What?  Are those boxes complaining?"

UPS came back and said simply:

Brad Brown
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