Short Final

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The Swiss Air Force PC-7 aerobatic team was returning in nine-ship Formation to Locarno Magadino Air Field (LSZL) some years ago.

Team Leader:
"Locarno Tower, Turbo 947 nine-ship inbound to split overhead."

TWR Operator:
[Gives clearance to enter and split and to report on downwind individually.]

Then ...

Pilot 1:
"Number One downwind."

"Number One, report final -- 26R."

Pilot 2:
"Number Two downwind."

"Number Two, report final -- 26R."

... and so on. For all nine aircraft.

Then it gets better, as they mix downwind and final:

Pilot 1:
"Number One. Final, 26R."

"Number One, cleared to land -- 26R."

Pilot 7:
"Number Seven downwind."

"Number Seven, report final -- 26R."

Pilot 2:
"Number Two. Final, 26R."

"Number Two, cleared to land -- 26R."

... until I hear the following:

Pilot 5:
"Number Five. Final, 26R."

"Number Five, you're becoming Number Two. Do you have Number One in sight?"

There was some clicking of mic buttons, and a voice asked:

"Did someone check that?!"


Alex Husy

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