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Last November, I transported 40 endangered sea turtles (stranded on Cape Cod) from the Boston area to a turtle rescue center center in Georgia. I put "transporting endangered sea turtles" in the comments section of my IFR flight plan and had two interesting exchanges on the trip.

Providence Approach (PVD):
"69 Tango, how's your cargo doing?"

Me (after looking at them):
"One is looking out the window through a hole in the box."

"That's awwwesome."

New York Approach (NY):
"69 Tango, they normally don't allow the routing you requested, but I really like what yer doin' with dem sea turtles, so let me see what I can do."

"Roger. Thanks!"

"69 Tango, you are cleared direct JFK; direct destination."

Happy to report all sea turtles made it to destination, recovered, and have been released to the ocean.

James Rose

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