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Many years ago, as a USAF C-141A/B flight engineer, I was a crew member on a routine supply mission from McGuire Air Force Base (New Jersey) to Thule, Greenland. Oh-dark-thirty take-off. The AC (aircraft commander), Capt. Julie Sangiorgio -- great pilot. We had just been handed off to Moncton Center, from Boston Center, I believe. Julie was the PNF (pilot not flying) and was working all the radio calls.

She reported in to Moncton. The controller said there was confusion on our next waypoint. She replied, "Mount Jolly next" in plain English.

The controller rogered that but said the correct pronunciation was "Mon Jolie."

Capt. Sangiorgio, who spoke four languages, came back in her best French and said something that I didn't undertand.

The Moncton Controller replied, "That's great, MAC XXX, but no one on this shift speaks French.

To that, Capt Sangiorgio replied, "Moncton, in that case, I guess it's Mount Jolly."

Chuck Holzer
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