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Volume 29, Number 52d, December 29, 2022
Sikorsky Protests Losing Army Contract
As often happens with such things, Sikorsky has lodged a formal protest of the Army’s decision to go with competitor Bell’s V-280 Valor as its Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA). Sikorsky, which is owned by Lockheed Martin, teamed with[…]   Read this article
Caught Between the Doors of Perception
Recent prog charts resembled a Picasso fantasy as bulging lines of barbed cold fronts swept across the contiguous United States, riding curvaceous isobars, compressed like muscles ready to unleash the Weather Channel’s doomsday chorus to the latest Bomb Cyclone: “O’[…]   Read this article
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Southwest Expects Friday Recovery From 'Meltdown'
Southwest Airlines has told its employees to expect almost all its regular flights to operate on Friday. The memo came after the shellshocked airline canceled two-thirds of its schedule for Thursday and brought its total of cancellations since Dec. 22[…] Read this article

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Patient Misses Heart Transplant Because Of Weather Cancellations
Hundreds of thousands of people lost their holidays and their luggage over Christmas but a Fairbanks, Alaska, man potentially lost 20 or 30 years of Christmases. As the Anchorage Daily News reported, weather prevented Patrick Holland from keeping an appointment[…] Read this article

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United Pilots Union Leader Quits After Two Days
The head of the largest chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association has resigned only two days after taking the job. According to Forbes, Neil Swindells quit as chairman of the United Airlines chapter over racist and sexist comments he’s[…] Read this article

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