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Volume 30, Number 6c, February 8, 2023
Proposal Launched For Single-Pilot Airline Ops During Cruise Flight Phase
Flights involving large jets launching with just one pilot in the pointy end are not in the foreseeable future, but there may be some room for compromise. As reported today (Feb. 7) by Reuters, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency[…]   Read this article
Pilots Escape Unscathed From Firebomber Crash-Landing In Australia
Two pilots, believed to be Canadian nationals, escaped without serious injury from the fiery crash of a Boeing 737 that was conducting firefighting operations. The 737-300 “Fireliner,” operated by Coulson Aviation, had reportedly just completed one run on a 3,750-hectare[…]   Read this article
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Colorado EMS Pilot Charged With DUI While On His Way To His Base
A 40-year-old medevac helicopter pilot is charged in Colorado with driving under the influence (DUI) while on his way to work. As reported by CBS, an Elbert County Sheriff’s deputy described Aaron Fouquette, reportedly a 20-year veteran U.S. Army pilot,[…] Read this article

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Cessna's SkyCourier Gets Down And Dirty With New 'Gravel Kit'
Textron Aviation announced today (February 7) it now offers an optional “gravel kit” for its utility Cessna SkyCourier turboprop twin. The kit enables operators to use unimproved runways around the world. First deliveries of aircraft equipped with the kits will[…] Read this article

Registration Delay Woes Thought Likely To Continue Into 2023
The National Business Aviation Association warns that a continuation of the strong market for sales augurs that aircraft registration backlogs are likely to continue into 2023. The FAA Civil Aviation Registry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is expected to experience delays[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Final Destination
I was departing ATL 10 or so years ago. As you get to the end of the ramp, you contact north or south (as appropriate) ground control giving call sign, ramp (there are 9) and ATIS information. It was late[…] Read this article