AVweb 'Classifieds POTW October 31 2022'
Volume 29, Number 44a, October 31, 2022
Air Force Flies Tanker Single Pilot
The Air Force has flown two single-pilot sorties with KC-46 Pegasus tankers. The Oct. 25 flights were the first to test an experimental set of procedures it says are planned for use in grim circumstances. Earlier this year, the Air[…]   Read this article
Drone Development: Are We Keeping Up In This Game?
During my forced sojourn as a hurricane refugee last month, by happenstance, I had one of the most remarkable flight experiences of a 50-year-plus flying career. Maybe not the most amazing, but certainly in the top five. And my feet[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: A Cub, Vibrant Leaves And Nice Music
This week’s Best of the Web video comes from Joshua Ryan Blair, who published this short clip shot by a friend during peak fall colors a couple of years ago. No stick and rudder lesson, no accident reporting, no aviation[…] Read this article

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Helmet Cam Captures Ejection
Anyone who wonders what it’s like to eject probably won’t come much closer than a video making the social media rounds. The brief helmet cam clip glimpses the split second destiny changes that are part of the drill for jet[…] Read this article

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FAA Nudges Pilots On See And Avoid
The FAA has published a reminder to all pilots to lift their heads from the electronics when circumstances demand. The agency issued an advisory circular on Friday laying out all the regs that mention see and avoid as fundamental to[…] Read this article

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Delta Abandons Appeal Of Pilot Suspension Award
A Delta Air Lines captain has won a complete legal victory when the company finally threw in the towel on a six-year dispute that one judge said “weaponized” a mental health investigation against her. As we reported in 2020, Capt.[…] Read this article

U.K. Probes Stolen Rotax Engines Possibly Used In Iranian Drones
The U.K. has directed a special intelligence unit to investigate if stolen Rotax 900-series engines are turning up in Iranian drones. The Rotax mothership, the Austrian-based Bombardier Recreational Products, has taken note of the thefts and launched its own investigation.[…] Read this article