David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Volume 29, Number 25d, June 23, 2022
SkyWest Hopes To Save Small Market Routes With Charter Subsidiary
SkyWest may have found a neat workaround to sustain scheduled service to small markets while filling the flight decks with its most experienced captains and least experienced FOs. The regional giant has created a small charter subsidiary called SkyWest Charter[…]   Read this article
KITPLANES Firewall Forward: Spark Plug Maintenance
CFR 43.3 describes, in a long list, the maintenance items a pilot/owner can legally do. In this video, KITPLANES editor at large Paul Dye runs through how to remove, inspect, clean and gap spark plugs. Learning to do this can[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Easy Fit
The Avionics Market Was There For The Taking. So Garmin Did. (Corrected)
In the world of mass production things, 25,000 is not a very big number. It’s about an hour’s worth of iPhone production and an eyeblink in the trillions of metal oxide transistors that make gadgets like that possible. Ford makes[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Classifieds The Need for Speed
Congress May Block Air Force F-22 Retirement Plan
The Drive says Congress may block the Air Force’s plan to scrap 33 F-22s to save money and begin the process of retiring the entire fleet of 186 sometime in the 2030s. The Air Force says the planes in question[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'The active pilot's guide'
Dutch Pick Embraer C-390 Over C-130J
The Netherlands has picked Embraer’s C-390 tactical airlift aircraft over Lockheed Martin’s C-130J. The Dutch will buy five C-390s to replace four second-generation C-130H Hercules transports. Lockheed Martin had entered its current C-130J in the two-aircraft competition. The country was[…] Read this article