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Volume 30, Number 38d, September 21, 2023
A320 May Fly Out Of Field
The Aviation Herald is reporting that Ural Airlines appears to be getting ready to fly an A320 out of a Russian field where it landed a week ago. The publication, citing local observers, said the aircraft has been jacked out[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'The most comfortable ANR headset
NetJets To Buy Up To 1,500 Citations
On Wednesday, Textron Aviation and NetJets announced the terms of a record-breaking deal between the long-standing partner companies for the purchase of up to 1,500 Citation jets. NetJets will also serve as the launch partner for the Citation Ascend, which[…] Read this article

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WheelsUp Rescue Deal Closes
The $500 million bailout of WheelsUp Experience by Delta Air Lines and three other companies closed on Sept. 20. Delta ends up with 95 percent of the company and contributions from Certares, a tourism and travel company; Knighthead, which specializes[…] Read this article

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Rogue Russian Pilot Tried To Shoot Down British Rivet Joint: Report
The BBC is reporting that a reckless Russian fighter pilot did his best to shoot down a British Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft in 2022, but bad luck and bad equipment prevented a major international incident. The Rivet Joint, which gathers[…] Read this article

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