Volume 28, Number 6b, February 3, 2021
Fiery Crash: SpaceX’s SN9 Flight Test Ends Like SN8’s
After a successful and visually impressive launch, SpaceX’s deep-space Starship SN9 prototype crashed on landing at the launch site in […]   Read this article
First Private Space Mission Announced
Shift4 Payments and Draken International founder Jared Isaacman has booked a trip with SpaceX that is being called “the world’s […]   Read this article
First Flight: Boeing's Advanced F-15EX
The latest generation of the venerable F-15 fighter took flight today in St. Louis, with Boeing chief test pilot Matt […] Read this article

Pete Buttigieg Confirmed as DOT Sec
Former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was confirmed as the next Secretary of Transportation, replacing […] Read this article

Starting Today: CDC Requirement For Masks On Commercial Flights
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week issued new mask requirements that go into effect at 11:59 p.m. […] Read this article

Deciding When the Engine Is Done
Understanding when a 5300-hour O-320 overhauled in 1983 is ready to be retired, and what to do about it. Read this article

Re.Invent Air Mobility Initiative Participants Selected
The RATP Group, Groupe ADP and Choose Paris Region have selected 30 companies to participate in their Re.Invent Air Mobility […] Read this article

Short Final: Concorde Conquest
I fly a Cessna Conquest and when I announce myself to air traffic control, sometimes they hear Citation, and I […] Read this article

Accident Probe: Shooting The Gap
Poor weather has always topped my list of potential aviation hazards. But after earning the instrument rating, I was much […] Read this article

The FIRC That Refreshes
For an instructor, the acronym FIRC is similar to root canal or colonoscopy for saner people. Fortunately, root canals are rarer.  Read this article

How This Illustration Fueled My Obsession With The Bell X-1
The Bell X-1 is one of aviation history’s most important—and interesting—aircraft. Everyone knows Chuck Yeager flew it to establish the […] Read this article