Volume 28, Number 10c, March 5, 2021
SpaceX Starship Explodes After A Near Perfect Landing (Video)
After weeks of trying, SpaceX on Wednesday finally succeeded in landing its Mars Starship booster. But five minutes after touchdown—possibly […]   Read this article
Zero Tolerance Should Be More Than A Fine
Any airline passenger who decides to haul off and belt a flight attendant needs some jail time. A fine is not enough.   Read this article
NetJets Secures Options For 20 Supersonic Bizjets
NetJets has signed an agreement with supersonic aircraft developer Aerion that includes purchase options for 20 Aerion AS2 supersonic business […] Read this article

Eight Indicted For Aircraft Registration Violations, Drug Trafficking
Eight individuals have been arrested and charged with crimes including conspiracy to commit federal registration violations involving aircraft, international drug […] Read this article

Steep Turns
Most of us spend our time aloft droning along in straight-and-level flight. For the typical pilot, turns are reserved for […] Read this article

Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame, OSU Partner On AvSTEAM Education
The Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Museum (OAS) and the Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Aviation […] Read this article

FAA Selects Airports For Anti-Drone Systems Testing
The FAA has chosen five host airports to test technologies designed to “detect and mitigate potential safety risks” presented by […] Read this article

Frasca To Expand Manufacturing Facility
Flight simulator manufacturer Frasca International has announced plans to expand its manufacturing facility in Urbana, Illinois. The expansion will add capacity […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, March 4, 2021
Landed in the Knik gorge on February 21, 2021. Ice was more blue than I remember seeing before. Taken with an iPhone 5 SE. Photo by Jason Kepler. Read this article

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