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Volume 29, Number 25e, June 24, 2022
Spain To Acquire 20 Eurofighters
The NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) has signed a contract for the acquisition of 20 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets to be operated by the Spanish air force. The order includes 16 single-seat and four twin-seat aircraft and is[…]   Read this article
Rolls-Royce Developing Turbogenerator Tech For Hybrid-Electric Flight
Rolls-Royce announced on Wednesday that it is in the process of developing turbogenerator technology including a new small engine designed for hybrid-electric flight applications. According to the company, the turbogenerator will “recharge batteries after take-off or power propellers directly, enabling[…]   Read this article
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Shifting Gears With Ivan Gromala
What’s that? A custom-built Zenith STOL CH 701 taildragger? Now that’s something you don’t see every day. As we all know, Experimental aviation provides builders with more room to, well, experiment. Ivan Gromala of Quality Sport Planes (QSP), took advantage[…] Read this article

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Vintage Military Helicopter Crashes In West Virginia; Six Dead
An ex-military Bell UH-1B “Huey” helicopter crashed yesterday evening (June 22) by a rural roadside near its home base at Logan County Airport (code 6L4) in West Virginia. All six on board were killed. Few details are available, but local[…] Read this article

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Aireon To Provide Boeing With Space-Based ADS-B Data Services
Boeing has signed an agreement with Aireon to access the space-based ADS-B service provider’s flight data stream. According to Boeing, it will use the stream “to expand its advanced data analytics capabilities in its effort to further strengthen commercial air[…] Read this article

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