David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Volume 29, Number 33d, August 18, 2022
Staff Shortages Prompt New York Ground Stop
Airlines scored a point in the losing game that is this summer’s air travel situation when the FAA had to admit that a ground stop at New York’s three major airports was because of staff shortages. The agency reduced traffic[…]   Read this article
TRSA Asks: Can You Handle The Truth?
The Oxcart English/Aviation Dictionary defines TRSA as: Terminally Redundant Suspicious Airspace. And here now to illustrate how TRSAs continue to evade mention in polite aviation salons, is a transcribed actual event that could’ve happened. Reader discretion is advised but not[…]   Read this article
The Long, Twisted And Slightly Ridiculous Story Of Avgas (Part 1)
For decades, the general aviation industry has struggled with finding a replacement for leaded avgas without success. The biggest driver of this failure is that there’s no reason to do so because the industry has been given an exemption to[…] Read this article

USAF Pilots To Battle F-16s In Mock Combat
The Air Force’s frontline fighter pilots will go up against a formidable, albeit familiar, adversary in mock combat missions with the signoff on Top Aces’ fleet of modified F-16s for Red Air operations. The Air Force granted Top Aces, which[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Classifieds The Need for Speed
Aviation Safety 'The active pilot's guide'
China, Russia May Split On Widebody Project
The six-year partnership between Russia and China to develop a widebody airliner is on the rocks essentially because neither side trusts the other. Russia is accusing China of trying to pillage its technology and China is accusing Russia of trying[…] Read this article

Slipping Clutch Grounds Air Force Ospreys
The Air Force Special Operations Command has grounded all 52 of its CV-22 Ospreys because of an issue with the clutch that controls the distribution of power between the engines and rotors. The AFSOC says there have been two incidents[…] Read this article