Volume 26, Number 51a, December 23, 2019
Groups Oppose Aviation Noise Bill
A broad spectrum of aviation groups is opposing a congressional bill that would allow local authorities to set noise standards at general aviation airports. In a letter to House leaders, nine groups representing operators that use municipal, regional and major airports say H.R. 5423, the Aircraft Noise Reduction Act, would[…]   Read this article
And While We're Here...Empty the Checkbook.
One of those clear winter dawns, and the preheated 65-HP Continental engine popped awake on the first pull of the propeller blade. Standing in the prop blast (I hand-prop from behind) provided time to marvel at how my Aeronca Champ has been so reliable in our 37 years together. Plus,[…]   Read this article
uAvionix skyBeacon: ADS-B In An Hour?
By Larry Anglisano
It’s said that the uAvionix skyBeacon ADS-B Out device is the easiest way to comply with the approaching 2020 ADS-B mandate, but how easy is it to install? To find out, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano found an airplane that needed to be upgraded, found a competent A&P to install[…] Read this article

FAA Warns Customers Away From Aircraft Ride Share Apps
The FAA is warning potential customers of aviation ride sharing apps likened to “Uber for airplanes,” that their trip might not meet the normal standards for fly-for-hire journeys. “If you pay for a charter flight you are entitled to a higher level of safety than is required from a free[…] Read this article

Navy Pilot Describes UFO Encounter
A Navy pilot whose aircraft captured video of a UFO in 2004 has told New York Magazine the object he saw did “impossible” things. Chad Underwood was on a routine flight off the coast of California when he came across what pilots in his unit called “the Tic Tac,” an[…] Read this article

Boeing Starliner Lands Successfully At White Sands (Updated)
Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner crew capsule made history on Sunday but this time it was for a success. The empty crew capsule failed to make it to its intended orbit following the spacecraft’s first uncrewed test launch on Friday but after doing some math engineers were able to bring it to[…] Read this article

Heritage Aircraft Owners Seek On-Off ADS-B Exemption
As the ball gets ready to drop on the ADS-B mandate, five owners of a stock 1946 Luscombe are asking for an exemption that would allow them to turn off the ADS-B when they’re outside mandated airspace. The plane is based at busy El Paso Airport and must be able[…] Read this article

Canada Planning 'Luxury Tax' On Some Aircraft
The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is calling on aircraft operators to oppose a 10 percent “luxury tax” on personal aircraft (also boats and cars) worth more than $100,000 CAD (about $75,000 USD), proposed as part of the newly elected government’s financial plan. The proposal was announced as a[…] Read this article

Captain, First Officer Divided Control In Fatal Atlas Air 767 Crash
The Atlas Air 767 that plummeted into the wetlands short of a Houston airport in February was under a control tug-of-war between crew members prior to impact. According to the NTSB Public Docket released this week, the first officer of the 767 was convinced the aircraft, being flown for Amazon[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, December 20, 2019
Cubs vs. Jets I saw [Paul’s] writeup about landing gear up and the conversation about ideal trainers. To be honest, I did not follow the whole Diamond aspect because that is not a plane I have flown (although I do have 150 types in my log). But I did want[…] Read this article

Industry Round-up, December 20, 2019
This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports on a new partnership for a charter operation, a luxury edition VTOL, a top sales award for an aircraft distributor and an airline adopting a new training management system. Short-haul jet service provider JSX has announced that it will be partnering with Air[…] Read this article