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Volume 29, Number 22d, June 2, 2022
STOL Pilot Warned To 'Lower Your Nose' Before Crash
FAA inspectors took part in a safety briefing that preceded an impromptu STOL landing and takeoff competition that turned fatal in late May. In its preliminary report into the apparent stall-spin accident that killed competitor Tom Dafoe, the NTSB also[…]   Read this article
'Top Gun Maverick': Yeah, Worth The Wait
First, a nod of thanks to John Lehman Jr. Without him, this thing would never have gotten started. Lehman was Secretary of the Navy in 1984 when Jerry Bruckheimer approached him about doing a movie on the Navy Fighter Weapons[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Easy Fit
Flying a Diamond DA-50 Around The World
In January 2022, Matthias Niederhäuser and Robin Wenger departed on a trip of a lifetime: A global circumnavigation in a new Diamond DA-50. In this video, AVweb interviewed the pilots when their route took them through Florida in late March.[…] Read this article

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Elixir 'Oshkosh 2022 side view plane
Honeywell Develops Compact Generator For Hybrid Aircraft
Honeywell announced it has tested a one-megawatt generator designed specifically for hybrid electric aircraft. The generator weighs 280 pounds and has an efficiency rating of about 97 percent. “[The generator] delivers enough energy to power an entire neighborhood block,” Honeywell[…] Read this article

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FAA Keeps Boeing On Short Leash
The FAA is keeping Boeing on a shorter leash than the company wanted to ensure it makes some internal changes on its certification processes. The company applied for its customary five-year Organization Designation Authorization allowing designated Boeing employees to sign[…] Read this article

China Bans Russia's Airbuses, Boeings
China has banned Russian-operated Boeing and Airbus airliners from its airspace, citing safety concerns. More than 100 state-of-the-art airliners, most of them owned by Western leasing companies, are in the hands of Russian airlines and some have been re-registered in[…] Read this article