David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Volume 29, Number 39d, September 29, 2022
Ian-Spawned Tornado Wrecks Dozens Of Aircraft
Hurricane Ian hadn’t even officially hit Florida when its fringe effects caused millions of dollars in damage to aircraft at North Perry Airport north of Miami.  Late Tuesday afternoon a tornado, possibly two, spawned by a line of thunderstorms created[…]   Read this article
Not Coming To A Dealer Near You
Could it be we are at the one-in-one-out phase of the budding eVTOL market? This week, the outtie is KittyHawk, an early and well-funded entrant into what is imagined as the Urban Air Mobility market. The closure is significant because[…]   Read this article
Frasca 'Realistic Sim for pro training
When Airplanes Ruled The Movies
The years between the world wars are widely considered the Golden Age of flight. In the midst of it, Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic, air races were wildly popular, aircraft were making huge strides in performance and safety and passenger[…] Read this article

Lightspeed 'Never seen a Zulu like this
Parts Production Strangled By Labor Shortage
Aircraft parts manufacturers say a labor shortage is stretching delivery deadlines and disrupting the recovery of the airline industry. According to the Financial Post, companies that laid off workers when the pandemic abruptly canceled demand are having a hard time[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Break out on top
Vertical eVTOL Takes First 'Hop'
Vertical Aerospace broke the usual mold for first flights of eVTOLs by putting a pilot on board for the first hop of its VX4. The first flight was, indeed, a hop. Chief Test Pilot Justin Paines was in the left[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take-off into the world of homebuilt aircraft
Air France Relaunches All-In Pilot Training Program
Air France has relaunched its cadet pilot program and it’s a pretty straightforward deal for those who make the cut and the subsequent cuts. After what the airline calls a “rigorous selection process,” prospective candidates are offered an intense two-year[…] Read this article