Volume 27, Number 51b, December 16, 2020
FAA Publishes AD On Superior Crankshafts (Updated)
Some 257 four-cylinder Superior and Lycoming engines are now subject to a new airworthiness directive requiring crankshaft replacement within 25 […]   Read this article
Piper Pilot 100 Certified (Corrected)
The FAA formally approved the Piper Pilot 100 trainer aircraft, clearing the way for the first of eight aircraft destined […]   Read this article
Garmin Introduces Rudder Bias Programming For Twins
Garmin has added another cockpit automation—this time it’s programming to help conventional-twin pilots when an engine quits. Called Smart Rudder […] Read this article

AEA Moves Convention To June
The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) has pushed back the date for its annual convention due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. […] Read this article

Even A Numbskull Like Me Can Learn To Fly A Gyroplane
It’s a gyroplane, not a gyrocopter and it’s nothing at all like a helicopter. In this video, AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli […] Read this article

Making Fabric Fabulous
There are many ways to make a fabric airplane impress hangarmates and win awards. Here are a few of them. Read this article

SpaceX’s Joyous Blowing Up of Rockets
For a relatively young company, SpaceX has made astonishing leaps in aerospace. Humility with humor is among them.  Read this article

Frasca To Develop Epic E1000 GX Simulator
Epic Aircraft and Frasca have announced that they will partner on the development of a simulator for Epic’s E1000 GX […] Read this article

Bell Continues Development Of Electric Tail Rotors
Introduced in February, Bell Textron’s development of electric motors to replace the conventional anti-torque tail rotor continues with a showcase […] Read this article

Short Final: Toward UNVIL
Recently, we were on a flight from Boston to Teterboro, in our Phenom 300, nearing our approach to Teterboro. The […] Read this article

General Aviation Accident Bulletin
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication, Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports […] Read this article