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2017 Cessna T240 TTx. 508 TT. Air, FIKI, SVT, ESP, TAS, ADS-B Out, G2000, GFC700, WAAS. Trade In’s Welcome! Call for Details!Additional Equipment:Ai...

Volume 30, Number 23a, June 5, 2023
Supersonic Fighters Chase Bizjet Over Washington
A Cessna Citation with four people onboard crashed in the mountains of Virginia after it overflew Washington, D.C., restricted airspace on Sunday and its pilot did not respond to numerous attempts at contact. The incident prompted the scrambling of fighters[…]   Read this article
Electric Airliners? Don't Plan Your Trip Yet
“Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle!” was once the first idea every student learned—or at least heard—in Marketing 101. When the phrase was coined in the 1930s by Elmer Wheeler, it was accepted that there actually was a steak[…]   Read this article
Bose 'A30 Quiet the noise
Basic Med Three Year Report Card Has It Worked?
Basic Med went into effect in May 2017 with high hopes. A recent FAA analysis of the program reveals that some 40,000 pilots have taken advantage of it. But the report also shows that Basic Med hasn’t really revitalized aviation[…] Read this article

Wings 4 Humanity 'Floats for sale
Trottenberg May Take FAA Interim Post
Polly Trottenberg, the current Deputy Transportation Secretary, is expected to take over as acting administrator of the FAA in the next few days. She will replace current Acting Administrator Billy Nolen, who will leave the post on Friday, according to[…] Read this article

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Cargo Carrier Gets Drone Delivery Approval
Cargo airline Ameriflight has been given the go-ahead by the FAA to integrate drones into its operations and says it will soon be offering drone deliveries throughout the U.S. “Moving forward with the future of our newly operative UAS division[…] Read this article

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Germany Investigating Ex-Military Pilots Allegedly Training Chinese
Germany officials say they will investigate published reports that former military pilots are training Chinese pilots and may even be involved in training for an attack on Taiwan. Der Spiegel and German public broadcaster ZDF ran a story this week[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, June 2, 2023
The Hangar’s Done. What Can I Put In It? I absolutely agree about the indefinite storage of non-op aircraft. Airports are for flying and fueling and fixing and all those activities keep GA a vital and growing industry. If hangars[…] Read this article