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Volume 29, Number 29c, July 20, 2022
Tecnam Addresses Creature Comfort With 'Gran Lusso' Edition P2010
Italian airframer Tecnam reported today (July 19) that it plans to display the newly announced “Gran Lusso” (“Great Luxury”) version of its P2010 at next week’s EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In addition to its 170-HP turbocharged Continental CD-170 jet-fuel-burning[…]   Read this article
Record UK Heat Wave Causes Runway Damage At London Luton Airport
Record heat is impacting air travel in the U.K., along with other travel infrastructure. On Monday, London Luton Airport, 30 miles north of the nation’s capital, was closed for several hours when 95-degree Fahrenheit (35 degrees Centigrade) temperatures caused a[…]   Read this article
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Garmin Adds To List Of Models Approved For GFC-500 Digital Autopilot
Garmin has added to the list of aircraft approved for its GFC 500 digital autopilot. The company announced today (July 19) that owners of Cessna 172D (1963) and 172P (1981- 1986) Skyhawks and North American/Rockwell Commander 112B, TC/TC-A, and 114[…] Read this article

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Airbus CEO Envisions Hydrogen Power As The Long-Term Solution For Aviation
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury supports sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the short term, but sees hydrogen-powered aircraft as the likely long-term solution to decarbonizing aviation. The Airbus leader told German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, “SAF is the short-term solution, and for[…] Read this article

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Pilatus Adds New Paint Facility To Its Colorado Completions Center
Pilatus cut the ribbon Tuesday (July 19) on the new paint facility at its U.S. completions center on Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado. The addition was prompted by growing demand for the manufacturer’s PC-24 jet and PC-12 NGX[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Four‑Legged Varmint
I have flown Lears for many years for a company whose callsign is Coyote. One day when we had been vectored towards the airport and then handed off to Tower: Tower: “Coyote 123, cleared for the visual Runway xx.” Me:[…] Read this article