Volume 27, Number 30c, July 24, 2020
Texas Aircraft Developing eColt
Texas Aircraft Manufacturing has announced that it is developing a fully electric aircraft based on its Colt S-LSA design. Development […]   Read this article
Cue The Towering CUs
You can't tell what the inside of a would-be thunderstorm is like unless you go in and look. Let the BT,DT comment flow forth.   Read this article
Qantas Retires 747 With Humor
Leave it to Qantas to have a sense of humor. The last flight of a Boeing 747 in the Australian […] Read this article

Rolls-Royce To Provide V-280 Propulsion System
Rolls-Royce announced on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with Bell Textron to provide the propulsion system for Bell’s […] Read this article

Fire Breaks Out On Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Plane
A Boeing 777-200F cargo aircraft operated by Ethiopian Airlines caught fire on Wednesday at China’s Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). […] Read this article

Maxing Out the Fun Factor
For those who have experienced it, the fun of going on a flying trip with your friends and their families […] Read this article

King Schools Debuts Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course
King Schools has introduced a new course designed to help pilots develop effective strategies and tactics for job interviews. The […] Read this article

Bahamas Closes Borders To U.S. Commercial Flights
The Bahamas has officially closed its borders to international commercial flights and commercial vessels carrying passengers from the United States […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, July 23, 2020
105-year-old Captain Peter Goutiere renews his acquaintance with a C-47 in May 2019, the same one he flew from Miami to Calcutta 75 years ago, and then flew 680 trips 'over the hump' in it and other C-47s. A great pilot! Taken in Waterbury, CT, with an iPhone 8. Photo by Ray Gibouleau. Read this article