Volume 26, Number 29b
July 23, 2019
Texas Aircraft Launches Colt With Discount
Texas Aircraft is jump-starting the launch of its new Colt light sport aircraft with a $12,000 discount for orders placed […]   Read this article
You Want A Lomcovak With That?
Our intrepid blogger said sure, why not? Of course, just when you think it's over, it get worse.   Read this article
Red Flight: Remembering Chris Kraft
Christopher Kraft was a giant in the history of space exploration. In today's blog, former NASA flight director Paul Dye remembers Kraft.    Read this article
Avionics At AirVenture 2019
The latest avionics are usually popular with the crowds at AirVenture and this year is no different. In this video, […] Read this article

LSA Weight Limit Likely To Include Four-Seat Aircraft
AirVenture 2019 may be cheek-by-jowl with spiffy little two-seat LSAs, but four years from now, sport airplanes with four seats […] Read this article

AirVenture: Golf Cart Preview
Yup, it’s that time of year again. AirVenture 2019 has just started in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and AVweb is covering it, […] Read this article

Epic E1000 Draws Closer to Certification
Epic Aircraft announced at Oshkosh this week that it had completed all of its internal flight testing leading up to […] Read this article

Bose Updates ProFlight In-Ear Headset
At AirVenture this week Bose announced the ProFlight Series II, an improved version of its ProFlight in-ear headset aimed at […] Read this article

AirVenture: Half-Century Celebrations
One of the things that makes Oshkosh special is the simultaneous focus on past and future. Anniversaries are as much […] Read this article

Continental Offers Drop-In Prime IO-370 For Lyc-Powered Skyhawks
At AirVenture this week Continental announced a new STC to install its Prime IO-370-D3A3 engine into Cessna R and S-series […] Read this article

Opener Donates BlackFly To EAA Museum
Opener has donated a first-generation BlackFly personal ultralight aircraft to the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Opener BlackFly, […] Read this article

AirVenture Time Capsule: 2016
The return of air demonstration teams to the Air Venture air show was marked in 2016 with the graceful routine […] Read this article