Volume 27, Number 6b, February 5, 2020
Bombardier Could Sell Bizjet Line to Textron
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that cash-strapped Bombardier is in talks with Textron to sell its bizjet program. The […]   Read this article
Piper: Autoland M600 SLS Going On Tour
In an effort to showcase the Piper M600 SLS’s Garmin-made autoland system, Piper is taking the show on the road […]   Read this article
Solar Orbiter Ready For Launch
The Airbus-built Solar Orbiter satellite has been successfully mounted on top of an Atlas V 411 launch rocket and is […] Read this article

Podcast: DeLand Sport Aviation Village
Sport Aviation Administrator at Florida’s DeLand Municipal Airport Jana Filip sat down with AVweb’s Kate O’Connor to discuss the airport’s […] Read this article

What's a Nice Guy Like You Doing in a Plane Like This?
Can a pilot who has owned certified, production-line aircraft find happiness among the Experimental/Amateur-Built designs? Yes...the answer is yes. Read this article

Accident Probe: Preflight, Interrupted
The airline industry long ago figured out that one of the most dangerous things in aviation is two pilots trying […] Read this article

Learning About Lycomings
KITPLANES' Paul Dye attended the Lycoming engine school to learn more about these popular engines.  Read this article

Video: Sensenich Prop Overhaul Shop
There's a reason why propellers are recommended for overhaul by service hours and calendar time, but they're often one of the most neglected systems on the aircraft. In this video, Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano tours Sensenich Propeller Services in Gainesville, Georgia to see how it's done. Read this article

Common Sense vs. E- Everything
If electric airplanes have a future, it's a distant one. We do ourselves no favors by pretending otherwise. Read this article