Volume 26, Number 48a, December 2, 2019
Nine Dead, Three Injured In SD PC-12 Crash (Updated)
The nine people killed and three injured in the crash of a Pilatus PC-12 near Chamberlain, South Dakota, on Saturday were all members of the same prominent Idaho family according to a report in eastidahonews.com. The aircraft reportedly came down about 12:30 p.m. shortly after takeoff from Chamberlain bound for[…]   Read this article
Trade-A-Plane: It Told Us We Could All Do This
The smell of Varsol—a petroleum-based solvent that’s essentially paint thinner—all but makes me nostalgically woozy. It’s cheaper than drugs and probably healthier, too. It’s the smell I remember when I walked through the pressroom every morning at my first newspaper job. A decade later, when I became a magazine editor,[…]   Read this article
Sporty's New PJ2 Portable VHF Comm
For backup or primary, there’s a still a need for a reliable, rugged and inexpensive handheld aviation transceiver and the Japanese-made $199 PJ2 built for Sporty’s is the latest to hit the market. At first blush the PJ2 has useful features including built-in GA headset jacks, smart power options and[…] Read this article

FAA Takes Over All New MAX Airworthiness Certifications
The FAA will now be the sole issuer of airworthiness certificates for all newly manufactured Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the agency said in a letter to Boeing on Tuesday. Citing “public interest and safety in air commerce,” the FAA stated that it would retain that authority—which was previously delegated to[…] Read this article

Crash Kills Seven, Including Texas Family Of Five
A Texas family of five and a Canadian couple were killed in what may have been a weather-related Thanksgiving crash of a Cherokee Six near Kingston, Ontario, last week. Pilot Otabek Oblokulov, his wife and their three children, of Houston, and their newlywed friends from Toronto died while attempting to[…] Read this article

Air Force Welcoming Too-Short, Too-Tall Pilot Candidates
The Air Force is encouraging prospective pilots who don’t meet its height requirements to apply anyway because they might just qualify. It’s also considering broadening those requirements to capture more of the population beyond the 13-inch range (five-foot-four to six-foot-five) it now lists as its essential height range. It turns[…] Read this article

Drone Pilot Protests Fine After Landing At McCarran
A California man says he thinks the $20,000 in fines and fees he’s been assessed are unfair after his runaway drone landed next to an active runway at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport during a visit by President Donald Trump. In fact, in the caption accompanying the video he posted[…] Read this article

Engine Issue Led To Snowbird Ejection
An unresponsive engine led to the ejection of a Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds pilot just before the team’s scheduled performance at the Atlanta Air Show in October according to an RCAF report. The brief preliminary report said Snowbird 5 pilot Capt. Kevin Domon-Grenier had just performed a routine pre-show[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, November 29, 2019
Crashworthiness Common Sense Nice article Rick, I would add only one thing. Having owned a Stearman for many years I have had this discussion many times. Here in the Midwest in the fall, should you head for the ten-foot-tall corn fields or the four-foot-tall soy bean fields? Bean fields are[…] Read this article

Industry Round-up, November 29, 2019
AVweb’s weekly news roundup uncovered reports on a new suite of weather data products, a Department of Defense contract award and a line of dynamometers for testing electric motor efficiency. Weather intelligence provider Baron is introducing its Aviation Weather suite of aviation weather data products. Baron Aviation Weather features weather[…] Read this article