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Volume 29, Number 18a, May 2, 2022
Ukraine Admits The Ghost Of Kyiv Is A Myth
As stories go, the one about the Ghost of Kyiv was a good one, too good to be true as most of us likely knew in our gut. On Sunday, the Ukrainian government admitted the ace pilot was a myth[…]   Read this article
Social Media And Stupid Pilot Tricks
And so another Sunday morning in a week bookended by whipsawing from skydivers smashing a hapless pilotless 182 to a popular YouTuber getting busted for low flying. On the one hand, it’s fearless feds protecting the public, on the other,[…]   Read this article
Bose 'Thousands of hours
Best Of The Web: Hurling Satellites Into Space
SpaceX has brought down the price of delivering payloads to low earth orbit to under $3000 per kg, but even a small satellite still costs over $1 million. A company called SpinLaunch proposes to lower costs further by flinging the[…] Read this article

AEA 'Upcoming Avionics Training'
Air France Crew Fought Each Other For Control Say Investigators
French authorities say a much-discussed “loss-of-control” incident reported by an Air France crew last month was a case of the left seat not knowing what the right seat was doing. AF011 was on final for Charles de Gaulle Airport in[…] Read this article

Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots'
5G Issues To Linger, Collaboration Continues Says Buttigieg
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told Congress that the issues surrounding the potential interference with aircraft radar altimeters and the full rollout of 5G cell service won’t all be fixed by the July deadline set in an agreement with Verizon and[…] Read this article

Aviation Consumer 'Take the guesswork out...'
Pilot Claims Responsibility For Attempting Plane Swap Without FAA Exemption
Pilot and skydiver Luke Aikins has claimed responsibility for going through with last Sunday’s failed Red Bull Plane Swap in spite of the FAA’s denial of a request for an exemption from regulations prohibiting required crewmembers from leaving their stations[…] Read this article

YouTuber Trent Palmer’s License Suspended
Pilot and YouTuber Trent Palmer announced on Thursday that the FAA has suspended his certificate for 60 days. According to Palmer, the issue dates back to Nov. 24, 2019, when he made an inspection pass over a private airstrip on[…] Read this article

Flight Cancellation Leads To Seven-Mile-High Wedding
Normally when you walk down the aisle of a Southwest 737 you’re unfolding your legs or going to the bathroom, but Pam Patterson was heading for a future with the love of her life. Up at the galley, where streamers[…] Read this article

Classic Aircraft Showcase: Part 3
Rounding out our Classic Aircraft Showcase, this final installment displays seven more beautiful vintage airplanes owned and loved by AVweb readers. You can find the first two parts at Classic Aircraft Showcase: Part 1 and Classic Aircraft Showcase: Part 2.[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, April 29, 2022
Plane Swap Gone Half Bad; FAA Not Amused Back when aviation was nascent and exploring boundaries there could be some acceptance of the dare devil, the showman, because just getting up in one was seen as a risk. It can[…] Read this article