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Volume 30, Number 32b, August 8, 2023
Three Killed In California Helicopter Midair
Three crew were killed Sunday night in a midair collision between two Cal Fire helicopters fighting a blaze near Riverside, according to a Cal Fire spokesman. All three—a pilot and two firefighters—were in a Bell 407 being used as a[…]   Read this article
Boeing Delays Crewed Starliner Launch
Boeing’s Starliner program has been dealt another delay. The first manned flight of the “astronaut taxi” was previously scheduled for July 21 but by early June was delayed “indefinitely” as the company found new issues with the Starliner’s wiring and[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Perfect Fit
Speed And Cash: What Will $10,000 Buy?
Speed costs money. That’s why few airplanes coming out of the factory were optimized for speed—it costs staggering sums of money to certificate a production airplane and at some point, the engineers and bean counters threw up their hands and[…] Read this article

Bearhawk Makes DeltaHawk An Option
Shortly after AirVenture this year, kit-maker Bearhawk Aircraft announced that the newly certified DeltaHawk DHK180 will be an option for its Bearhawk 4-Place kit aircraft, which is typically powered by either a four-cylinder, 180-HP or six-cylinder, 250-HP Lycoming gas engine.[…] Read this article

Aspen 'Trade in trade up save big
Accident Probe: ‘Recently Purchased’
Outside of large training organizations or fleet operations, there is little standardization of equipment, systems or procedures within general aviation. Toss in a few years among different owners and identical airplanes that rolled off an assembly line together 10 or[…] Read this article

Virgin Plans 100 Percent SAF Trans-Atlantic Flight
With airlines ever under the gun to reduce carbon emissions, they’re sponsoring ever more ambitious demonstrations of sustainable aviation fuel. The latest comes from Virgin Atlantic and Rolls-Royce, who have announced a plan to fly a trans-Atlantic flight on 100[…] Read this article

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