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Volume 30, Number 32d, August 10, 2023
Delta Cash Infusion Might Not Be Enough To Save Wheels Up
Even with a short-term capital boost from 20 percent equity partner Delta Air Lines, private-flight provider Wheels Up announced today (July 9) that there is “substantial doubt” over its ability to continue to operate. According to a Reuters report, Wheels[…]   Read this article
GAMI Should Be Allowed To Sink Or Swim On Its Own
Early in the week at AirVenture, GAMA’s Pete Bunce declared that the market would determine which of multiple unleaded avgas products would ultimately prevail. What he failed to mention is that GAMA, the other alphabets and the EAGLE industry consortium[…]   Read this article
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Solar Flares Unusually Strong This Week
If your GPS-driven panel functions seem glitchy this week the cause might be a Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and it’s as sinister as it sounds. The sun is reaching the end of Solar Cycle 25, which means solar flares[…] Read this article

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FAA Extends Slot Waivers To Combat New York Controller Shortage
A continuing controller shortage at the New York TRACON has prompted the FAA to extend its relaxation of slot use requirements at the three main New York airports to Oct. 28, 2023. The agency announced the extension in a news[…] Read this article

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Fatal Ferry Flight Attempted Despite Known Defects
Despite a major fuel leak, a history of defects with the aircraft and the refusal by three other pilots to fly the aircraft, the owner of a Piper Navajo elected to attempt a ferry flight and died in a crash[…] Read this article

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