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Volume 29, Number 27d, July 7, 2022
Biden Nominates Phillip Washington For FAA Administrator
As we reported last month, President Joe Biden has nominated Phillip A. Washington as his new FAA administrator to replace Steve Dickson, who resigned in the spring. The Washington Post is reporting Washington’s nomination is rooted in his deep political[…]   Read this article
Is It Better To Be Lucky Or Good? Yes
Is it better to be lucky than good? False choice. Cover the board and aim for both lucky and good, although this philosophical mobius strip leads to the inevitable conclusion that skill has a lot to do with making luck.[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Surviving A Rotor Wash Crash
On Jan.3, 2022, a Cessna 120 flown by a 1000-hour pilot and CFI encountered rotor wash from a Huey helicopter that passed just in front of it. The aircraft rolled uncontrollably at under 100 feet and crashed nose first. Improbably,[…] Read this article

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Turkey Temporarily Bans Pilots From Working For Foreign Carriers
Turkey is tackling pilot retention by barring pilots from going to work for carriers in other countries. The authoritarian government’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation has changed the rules and will not allow Turkish pilots to transfer to foreign carriers[…] Read this article

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'Artificial Turbulence' Calms Ryanair Rowdies
Ryanair has been hitting more than its share of turbulence recently but some of it is the “artificial” kind. The Irish budget carrier does a lot of business delivering countrymen to “party islands” in Spain and Greece. The party sometimes[…] Read this article

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Father-Daughter Military Pilots Celebrate 'First' Flight
Parent and child pilots on airliners are relatively common but the Indian air force may have scored a first with a father-daughter formation flight. Air Commodore Sanjay Sharma and his 24-year-old daughter Ananya achieved the distinction on May 30. “The[…] Read this article

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Sweepstakes Winner Will Fly On A Private Jet With 'Big Papi' To Hall Of Fame
Thanks to Boston-based private aviation solutions provider Magellan Jets and the Red Sox Foundation, a lucky Boston Red Sox fan and a guest will be flying to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, with David “Big Papi”[…] Read this article