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Volume 30, Number 45b, November 7, 2023
Pilot Mental Health Treatment Changes Urged
It’s time to change the approach to mental health in pilots from clinical to performance-based, according to a neurologist who specializes in air crew brain health and pilot health care behavior. William Hoffman, an affiliated assistant professor of aviation at[…]   Read this article
I Could Never Get Away With This Again
At the end of his legendary career, famed aviation pioneer Jimmy Doolittle titled his autobiography, “I Could Never Be So Lucky Again.” From down here in the flatlands of 21st century general aviation, Doolittle’s Olympian perch is a smudge on[…]   Read this article
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Woman Hurt In Collision With Scaled, Piloted B-29 Replica (Clarified)
The FAA is investigating the collision between a piloted 35 percent scale replica of a B-29 with a golf cart at Glenndale Airport near Kokomo, Indiana, that sent a woman to the hospital on Sunday. Howard County Sheriff’s Office said[…] Read this article

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FAA Schedules More Runway Meetings
The FAA announced Monday it will hold runway safety meetings at 16 more airports in an attempt to quell what may be an unusual concentration of incursions. The call came a week after two business jets, one landing and one[…] Read this article

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Virgin Atlantic To Operate 100 Percent SAF Trans-Atlantic Flight
If three other countries agree, a Virgin Atlantic flight will cross the pond from Heathrow to JFK using only sustainable aviation fuel on Nov. 28.  The U.K.’s Civil Aviation Administration has approved the flight, citing numerous tests and studies that[…] Read this article

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