Volume 26, Number 36c
September 13, 2019
Two Dead In Convair Crash (Updated)
Two people were killed in the crash of a Convair 440 near Ohio’s Toledo Express Airport (TOL) on Wednesday. The […]   Read this article
Boeing Still Targeting 2019 Return To Service For MAX
Boeing is still looking to return the 737 MAX to service by the end of the year, according to statements […]   Read this article
Potential CG Issues Halt Rear Seat Sales On Lufthansa A320neos
Lufthansa is no longer selling the last row of seats on its Airbus A320neo fleet. According to reports, a company […]   Read this article
9/11 Remembrance: A Tie Helped Overcome
Although that awful days is nearly two decades distant, everyone has a 9/11 story. And everyone had their own way of coping. Read this article

NASA Research Center Gets New Director
Clayton Turner has been selected as the next director of NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, NASA Administrator Jim […] Read this article

Common Threads In Weather Accidents
In my view, there are four basic categories of aviation weather threats: low clouds and reduced visibility; turbulence and low-level […] Read this article

Patty Wagstaff's Bonanza Flips At St. Augustine
Veteran airshow pilot and aerobatics instructor Patty Wagstaff was slightly injured when the V-tail Bonanza she was flying departed the […] Read this article

NASA Making Progress On Moon Mission
The hardware for NASA’s Artemis 1 lunar mission is beginning to come together. According to NASA, the engine section of […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, September 12, 2019
I shot this photo at Tobin Harbor on the Isle Royale National Park, MI. I fly for Royale Seaplanes and fly into the Isle Royale National Park 3 or 4 times a day with the DHC-2 dropping off hikers and folks who want to stay at the Lodge. Truly a wonderful summer job! Photo by John Adamson. Read this article

Short Final: Radio Awards
Cruising over the upper Midwest we heard this exchange: Aircraft: “Indy Cen … (SCREECH) … vember 12(SQUEAL) … checking in […] Read this article