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Volume 30, Number 28d, July 13, 2023
Ukraine F-16 Training Starts In August
Ukrainian air force pilots and support personnel will begin training on the F-16 at bases in Denmark and Romania in August. A coalition of 11 countries was formed at the NATO summit in Lithuania to guide the training. The U.S.[…]   Read this article
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ForeFlight Adds 'Runway Alert' Deconfliction Feature
After some hand wringing at the highest levels, a safety summit and a blue-chip committee being struck to address a spate of clench-worthy runway incursions, now there’s an app for that. The latest ForeFlight release includes a feature that warns[…] Read this article

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Honda Announces $56 Million Factory For New Jet
Honda has announced it will spend $56 million to build a new factory for its second business jet at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina, the site of its original HondaJet factory. The company says it will employ[…] Read this article

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Northern Pacific Airways Begins Service In California
The U.S.’s newest airline is scheduled to operate its first revenue flight on Friday (July 14) but the departure and destination seem at odds with the new airline’s name. Northern Pacific Airways announced on July 8 that it had been[…] Read this article

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