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Volume 30, Number 12d, March 23, 2023
Congress Gets Report On Sending Fighters To Ukraine
While the official government position is that there is no position on sending fighter aircraft to the Ukrainian military, Congress now has a comprehensive report on things it might consider on the topic. The U.S. Naval Institute has released a[…]   Read this article
My Cousin Louie
For most of us, history is kind of a remote thing corralled into books or shallow films. Interesting, maybe, but too distant to rise to the definition of firsthand relevance. So I’m lucky to have, by sheer happenstance, clapped eyes[…]   Read this article
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Senators Propose Raising Pilot Retirement Age To 67
A bipartisan group of senators is calling for the mandatory retirement age for airline pilots to be raised to 67 from 65. A similar bill was proposed by Sen. Lindsay Graham and other Republicans last year. This time Democrats Joe[…] Read this article

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Washington Nomination To FAA Delayed Further, Civilian Status Challenged
The head of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) says the Biden administration’s pick for FAA Administrator either has to formally resign from the Army and lose his retired status or get a waiver from Congress[…] Read this article

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FAA Issues Safety Alert Following Summit
The FAA has made official its call for safety vigilance across all sectors of the industry with a safety alert for operators (SAFO) based on the results of its Safety Summit in mid-March. The SAFO makes recommendations and clarifies existing[…] Read this article

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