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2006 Cessna 400 SL. 1409 TT. Air, TAWS-B, TCAD, WAAS, ADS-B Out, G1000, GFC700. Trade In’s Welcome! Call for Details!Equipment:Climate Control (Digi...

Volume 30, Number 10a, March 6, 2023
Ukrainian Pilots At Tucson Guard F-16 Wing For 'Assessment'
Multiple sources are reporting that two Ukrainian air force pilots are in the U.S. flying F-16 simulators as part of an “assessment” of their skills. The outlets, all quoting unnamed sources, say the two Ukrainians have been at an Air[…]   Read this article
The Most Difficult Call: Intervening To Stop The Inevitable Accident
The emotion in Sheriff Billy Garrett was clear as the 40-year veteran officer described the task of breaking the news. “It’s horrible . . . it hurts an old man’s heart to hear a young girl cry like that.” It[…]   Read this article
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Whadayamean Unleaded Fuel Will Trash My Valves?
Now that GAMI’s G100UL is fully approved and awaiting distribution, owners are hearing questions about how unleaded fuel might cause valve damage in aircraft engines. It was once a thing in car engines, but in this video, AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli[…] Read this article

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Fatality Reported In Turbulence Incident
CBS News Analyst Robert Sumwalt is reporting that one person died on a Bombardier Challenger 300 that encountered severe turbulence and diverted to Bradley Field in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, on Friday. Sumwalt, who was head of the NTSB before joining[…] Read this article

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NTSB Prelim Details Austin Overflight Incident
The NTSB’s preliminary report into the runway overflight incident in Austin last month doesn’t offer much new detail, but it does punctuate just how close a FedEx Boeing 767 and Southwest 737 came on that foggy runway. A graphic accompanying[…] Read this article

Lithium Battery Fires On Airliners Average More Than One Per Week
Forbes is reporting that lithium battery fires on airliners are happening at a rate greater than one per week. The magazine reviewed FAA data and found that at least 62 battery incidents happened in 2022, up from 54 the previous[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, March 3, 2023
Preflighting Propellers I had a customer call on a Sunday morning saying his “dawn patrol” flight was canceled because his wooden prop was leaking oil! It was the crankshaft seal of course. Also, the back side of the prop is[…] Read this article