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Volume 29, Number 34a, August 22, 2022
Ukrainian Pilots Already Training For A-10s
Congress hasn’t formally offered them and the Ukrainian brass says it doesn’t want them but a Ukrainian unit, with help from some retired USAF Warthog pilots, has been secretly training pilots on simulators to fly A-10s in the hopes they[…]   Read this article
Midairs: No, They're Not Getting Worse
I don’t know about you, but I long ago gave up on the notion of the perfectibility of homo the sap. At this stage, I’m happy to settle for a modest majority case of veering away from the most lethal[…]   Read this article
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The Long, Twisted And Slightly Ridiculous Story Of Avgas (Part 2)
For decades, the general aviation industry has struggled with finding a replacement for leaded avgas without success. The biggest driver of this failure is that there’s no reason to do so because the industry has been given an exemption to[…] Read this article

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RAF Throttling Recruitment To Attract Diversity
The RAF has throttled recruiting efforts in an attempt to get more women and ethnic minorities into the fold. Last week Sky News reported the RAF had told recruiters to effectively stop hiring white males so it could meet “diversity[…] Read this article

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FAA Investigating Source Of Fallen Metal Object
The FAA has joined the hunt for the airline and airplane that dropped a substantial piece of hardware on the granite sidewalk in front of the Maine State Legislature in Augusta, narrowly missing a Capitol Police employee. The 6- to[…] Read this article

Pilot Suspended After Turbulence Hurts 15
Indian authorities have suspended the license of a SpiceJet Boeing 737 captain after turbulence injured 15 passengers and crew and damaged parts of the interior on a May 1 flight. According to SimpleFlying, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DCGA)[…] Read this article

ICAO Reports Global Commercial Accident Rate Decreased In 2021
The global accident rate for scheduled commercial flights dropped to 1.93 per one million departures in 2021, according to the recently released International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 2022 Safety Report. The number represents a 9.8 percent decrease compared to the[…] Read this article

Air Force To Use Augmented Reality Helmets For Training
The Air Force is expected to roll out augmented reality helmets that will be able to pit fighter pilots against the latest and greatest threats from China and Russia next year. The helmets, developed as part of a $70 million[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 19, 2022
The Long, Twisted And Slightly Ridiculous Story Of Avgas Good articles 1 and 2. I didn’t see much on the FBO’s point of view. I talked to my home airport FBO. They can’t afford multiple fuel tanks and pumps so[…] Read this article